We launch new brands and give new energy to established ones.

Our services center around what’s needed to help people find our clients. We create PR strategies to rebuild a brand’s narrative or help them craft a new one. We’ve launched new concepts, products, markets and services in the press and brokered large collaborations. We’ve helped brands, designers and architects get discovered by their ideal customer on social media, or identified the right influencer partners to tell their story.  We work with some clients on positioning and content creation to aid their storytelling.


Our job is to help people find you

The way people discover information is constantly evolving – so our job is to meet our clients’ customers where they are right now, and to figure out where they will be tomorrow.

Our core services are:

  • Public Relations

    We offer public relations on an ongoing or a project basis to both brands and service providers. We can reposition and reinvigorate a company’s image or help a new designer launch their name into the world. We’re also able to work internationally; our PR team offers our services in both the US and UK markets.

  • Social Media

    Our social media team can formulate a strategy aligned with your business goals for your team to handle, or we can execute it for you. We set goals and re evaluate our strategy quarterly to ensure we’re on track. We have packages that suit both small companies and national brands, and we run workshops that give you a customized plan to execute yourself.

  • Collaborations

    We offer collaborative partnerships as a service to both brands and service providers. We’ve worked on licensing deals and identified talent for our clients to work with. We’ve approached large global companies to work with our clients and have secured partners that span multiple sectors - fashion, lifestyle, retail and hospitality. We offer this as a standalone service or as part of a larger package.

  • Influencer Marketing

    We handle influencer campaigns for both trade and retail businesses and adjust our strategy according to budget and need. Our campaigns can be structured to build brand awareness, follower growth or convert to sales. We offer this as a standalone service or as part of a larger package, and the engagement ranges in size from 4-12 months.

  • Content Creation

    Assets have become key to discoverability, and in an increasingly digital world content is king. We scout locations and style photoshoots for clients, we utilize and manage influencers for content creation as well as rendering agencies to develop the exact imagery our clients need.

  • Events

    We’ve planned intimate dinners and store opening activations across the US and UK. Events can be used to support a product launch or attract a certain target audience to a brand. We only offer events as part of public relations retainer package.

  • Brand Positioning

    This service has been core to our offering and is utilized by both large companies and startups, designers and architects. Brand positioning is key to the work we do as marketers, and often we start with this. We’ve helped legacy companies consider new markets, and new players to the market speak like an established brand. We offer brand positioning workshops as a stand alone service or as part of a larger package.