McKinnon & Harris

“I have a great marketing team but need social media guidance.”

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Strategy

The Brief

McKinnon & Harris is a Richmond based garden and yacht furniture company with showrooms in New York, LA and London. While they had a talented internal marketing team, they weren’t sure of how to best utilize Instagram. They wanted help understanding what metrics to focus on, how to utilize the platform to tell their story, and how to create content that would resonate with their audience.


We worked with the McKinnon & Harris team to develop benchmark goals for success and to advise them on content creation that was social first. We gave them monthly content concepts that they executed on themselves, and helped them to understand the data to inform their marketing strategy. By leaning into content that resonated with their followers, we saw huge increases in follower growth and engagement rate over the span of a year.

  • Grow Instagram Profile Interactions by 115% year over year
  • Increased average Engagement Rate by 210%
  • Grew Instagram Followers by 63%

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