How do you reposition a product to resonate with its target audience?

  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Execution
  • Social Media Strategy

The Brief

The ColorReader device was best in class – the most accurate way to find a paint color that matched any flat surface. If you wanted a hue from your nail polish, fabric swatch or favorite macaroon flavor to be the inspiration for your powder room color, this device could help. The product had launch six months prior and the brand hadn’t found traction with the media or the design community. They had a world class device, but no one knew about it (yet).

You re-build the whole story.

We started from scratch and attacked the brand positioning from all sides. We  created a catchy phrase that spread in the media, brought in partner agencies to create content for launch that would appeal to a trade audience, and re launched a visual, color centric Instagram strategy with elevated imagery. When the brand launched two additional versions of the device, we created the content ourselves with two additional photoshoots and launched an influencer marketing campaign to speak to these new audiences. Three years later, the firm had press hits with millions of impressions, some of the largest influencers in interior design as partners, and triple the Instagram followers.

  • 300%+ Instagram follower growth over 2 years
  • 25+ influencer content partners
  • 50+ media placements in a wide range of outlets


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